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How it works

After creating an OurCrowd account and onboarding with accreditation and KYC materials, investors have access to full deal materials for all currently funding startups on the platform. Investors who wish to participate in a specific investment opportunity do so by reserving an allocation through the “I’m Interested” button. This begins the commitment process whereby investors receive relevant subscription documents and wiring details. Post-investment, investors receive regular updates about portfolio performance through email notifications and a personalized account dashboard.

Venture funds

Venture funds offer investors a diversified investment vehicle with a single investment. With OurCrowd, investors can diversify their investment portfolio with multiple funds by their preferred sector, stage, geography, or investment thesis. Whether investing directly or through Portfolio Reserve, OurCrowd provides access to a wide variety of venture funds overseen by experienced investment professionals whose expertise include sourcing, diligence and portfolio construction, and who provide management expertise and support to the portfolio companies.

Primary Benefits

  • Join a portfolio of professionally-sourced and diligenced companies
  • Select from “managed’ and “rule-based” investment funds
  • Increase portfolio diversification with multiple funds
  • Benefit from fund economics

How It Works

OurCrowd’s fund offerings focus on a central theme or thesis and investors choose the fund or funds which align with their investment preferences. Generally, OurCrowd offers three kinds of funds: externally managed, in which OurCrowd invests; rule-based, which are funds which automatically invest in certain companies based on pre-set criteria; and OurCrowd originals, managed by OurCrowd partners. Fund investors receive regular updates on fund news, as well as a detailed quarterly summary of the fund’s performance.

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Venture investing with a self-directed IRA can add more diversity to your traditional investment portfolio and also provides tax-free growth over time.

Given that an abundant influx of venture capital into private companies has allowed many companies to delay their IPOs, the right mix of traditional and alternative assets can reduce undue risk and help lock in attractive total returns.

OurCrowd provides investors with access to top-level venture deals across all sectors and stages, backed by professional due diligence. Our team of investment professionals vets 150-200 new opportunities every month, meets with 20-30 management teams, conducts in-depth due diligence, then invests in 2-3 companies a month on average.

Build a portfolio with direct investments into individual startups, or diversify with one investment in venture funds

Startup Select

With OurCrowd’s Startup Select, investors can invest directly into individual startups, building a VC portfolio one company at a time. As a company launches on OurCrowd’s platform, investors receive highlights including OurCrowd’s own investment analysis and rationale, team background and deal terms. Investors maintain full discretion of which companies are added to their portfolio. Via the “My Investments” dashboard on the OurCrowd platform, investors can follow their companies’ progress.

Venture funds

Venture funds offer investors a curated and diversified cohort of startup investments. With OurCrowd, investors can diversify their investment portfolio with multiple funds by their preferred sector, stage, geography, or investment thesis. OurCrowd provides access to a wide variety of startup funds overseen by experienced professionals who provide mentorship, support, and management expertise to the portfolio companies.

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OurCrowd has partnered with:

Additional SD-IRA custodians:

  • Matrix Trust Company
  • Pensco Trust Company
  • TMI Trust Company
  • Entrust Group
  • Midland IRA

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) can now partner with OurCrowd to Access Exclusive VC-Grade Deals

With OurCrowd, RIAs can offer clients the opportunity to invest in private tech companies before they go public or become acquired, giving individual investors the same types of opportunities as the major VC firms.

Investment opportunities on the OurCrowd platform range from pre-seed to pre-IPO rounds, spanning healthcare, mobility, cybersecurity and other sectors. OurCrowd’s portfolio contains over 200 companies and funds.

OurCrowds’ “My Portfolio” dashboard is an end-to-end portfolio management tool for documentation management, portfolio company updates and tax information. OurCrowd provides K-1 and K-1 equivalents for each individual investment.

RIAs partnering with OurCrowd receive an attractive fee-sharing structure and access to exclusive private deals.

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